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If you're here from VRChat and you saw someone with my Avatar who didn't have the Username "VoyVivika", then my Avatar was ripped (I do not give anyone permission to have or rip my Personal Avatar which I have been continuously working on for nearly a year for my use and nobody else's.)

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Hi, I'm Voy, and this is my website.

I'm a Content Creator creating a variety of types such as Videos, 3D Models, Memes, and Games. I do Video Editing, 3D Modeling, Photo Editing, and some amount of Coding.

These days I'm a frequenter of VRChat, Enjoying my time with my Friends, Mutuals, and Peers. If I'm not doing that I'm Either Creating Content outside of VRChat or Creating Content for the platform. So far most of what I have done are Avatars, I've got more in mind and in Progress, don't get too hyped tho. :)

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The Latest from Me

Twitter is where I am most easily accessible and commonly active. My feed is shared on here in order to provide you with better info straight from me, positive or negative.