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Picture of a Light Cyan Anthropromorphic Mouse in a Pink T-Shirt and Dark Blue Pants sitting in a Black Throne.

Hello, I'm VoyVivika.

But you can call me Voy for short.

I'm the Founder, Creator, & Host of the Viviklub on ChilloutVR!

Outside of that Sometimes I Create Videos, 3D Art, Internet Memes, and Virtual Worlds and Avatars for ChilloutVR.

I'm capable of doing many things such as Video Editing, 3D Modeling, Photo Editing, and some amount of Programming. Check out my Socials linked in the Footer of all pages on my site.

I am also known for creating Shapeshift, a 3D Modeling Software for P3D (A 3D Framework for Clickteam Fusion 2.5) and P2F, a System that uses Clickteam's Firefly as a Renderer for P3D.

Live DJ & Open Deck Events on ChilloutVR!

Events Every Saturday Night at 11 PM CST (12 AM EST) on ChilloutVR

Support Me on Ko-Fi!

I create a Variety of Different Things such as Videos, 3D Models, 3D Renders, Games, ChilloutVR Avatars, ChilloutVR Worlds, ChilloutVR Props, etc. If you'd like to support me, you can throw a little bit of money my way via Ko-fi, I use it purely as a donation page at the moment, I promise I'll enjoy a good drink with it!