P3D to Firefly

P3D to Firefly is a Tool and Inbetween that combines P3D and Firefly without modifying either (to allow distribution without disobeying licenses)

P2F aims to be mostly feature complete with P3D as well as include helpful functions to make it easier for Developers and Tinkerers to start including True 3D Objects in place of P3D Sprites or other 3D models.

The Idea behind P2F was to take the benefits of P3D (ease of use, simple to setup) with the benefits of Firefly (Proper 3D Rendering which is faster, Real 3D Model Support)

Now you can use True 3D Models in place of sprites or other various 3D objects. P3D still runs underneath (rendering included, recommended to disable for some extra speed)

Updated 9/16/2021

You're free to redistribute, update, and modify as you please. Just don't forget you can't just share P3D's code.

Requires P3D and Clickteam's Firefly!

Not Compatible with Steam Version of Fusion
Not Compatible with Standalone Version of Fusion