Shapeshift for P3D

A 3D Map Creation and Editing and Importing Solution for P3D

Note: Shapeshift is currently no longer receiving updates.

(Images shown below contain screenshots from older versions of the program. Newer versions are similar but the interface may change.)

Shapeshift is a 3D Model Maker built with and designed for P3D, an Extensionless/Pluginless 3D Engine for Clickteam Fusion 2.5 making use of Fusion's DirectX Shader Capabilties.

Current Version: 1.3.1

Program Itself

The Program Itself. Can be used to create maps or models for games that use Shapeshift.

Loader and Source MFA have been moved to GitHub under the MIT License. (P3D Not Included).

This is NOT Shapeshift 2

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If you're making a game with Shape Shift, you really should have this already. Requires Clickteam Fusion 2.5