About Me

Hi there, I'm VoyVivika, ever since early 2018 I've been creating content for the internet. I've been around a lot longer than that, I create content for the internet like games, software, videos and more.

Table of Contents

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General Stuff

What do you create for the internet?

I create games, software, art, videos, etc. A Generic Term would probably be "Content Creator". I often do try and learn how to do certain things to get something I need for what I'm working on like a small bit of music or some simple art, not that those would be a high quality.


An Email I use commonly is voyvivika@protonmail.com however that's not my only email address and I do not use it for everything. I don't often Email so a better way to get hold of me is via an @ or direct message on twitter https://twitter.com/voyvivika, I also have a far less used but push notification enabled instagram if you wish to contact me there https://www.instagram.com/voyvivika/.

Game Dev/Programming

I do a bit of programming in my spare time when I'm motivated. I have a decent understanding of Javascript and GDScript (The Godot Engine's Python Like Language)

About Specific Programs


What is Shapeshift?

Shapeshift is a 3D Map Editor for P3D. It's a very simplistic tool that may be difficult to work with but is capable of importing triangulated OBJs and T-Mesh files. (T-Mesh being another map editor for P3D made by the developer of P3D, it's 2D with a 3D preview.)

Will you provide support?

Not anymore.

Future Plans?


Current Project (Game)

Previous project was canceled. New game I'm working on is entirely different and is a project being made specifically to learn the engine I now choose to use.

What is this game?

I won't reveal much now, but it's a First Person Shooter light on story intended to be a rather mindless game using older design principles to create levels.